About us

Help You Ship and Pack From Anywhere to Anyplace!

We’re your go-to neighbourhood Shipping & Packaging store.

We will pack your shipment for you and provide the best shipping carrier choices fit for your needs. If you plan on moving, we will provide you the boxes and packaging material and you can package your stuff.

At Pack Ship Mailbox you have the choice of FedEx, USPS & DHL to ship your packages Domestic and International. We will provide you with the best carrier choices and price for the same. It is your choice!

We offer full service printing center, so any type of printing you might need, we will give you our best pricing and excellent service.

With addition to the packaging, shipping and printing, we also provide service including b/w or color copies, fax, public notary, and office supplies. If you are looking to redirect your mails to an address different from your personal mail address, you can rent your own mailbox with 24/7 access.

Keeping in mind the upcoming and ongoing festive seasons, we also provide gift cards for any and every occassion.

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