Mailbox Rentals

Mailbox Rentals

Are you looking for space to fit that ever-growing pile of mailed envelopes, packages, magazines? Look no further! We have one of the best Mailbox Rentals service just for you!

If you are in the habit of ordering gifts, cloths, devices online and look forward to every semi-annual sale available online? This is the best plan for you! We provide Personal Mail Boxes (#PMB), crafted to fit your needs, be it for personal use, small businesses or large businesses.

The boxes are available in various sizes, and you have the option to select from amongst them. If you bought the plan for a personal size mailbox, but after a month you think it’s best to buy plan for a bigger size mailbox, we also provide you with choices to select another plan.

For more details on the available plans, contact us.

Happy Customers Whom We’ve Helped to Move!

Con SJune 10, 2016

Went today for Notary. Some forms required my 6 months thumb imprints. The lady was very kind and also she knew the best possible way to get our forms signed and notarized and also get our babies thumb imprints without making my little one upset. This time we had wonderful experience!

Ally CJune 14, 2016

The lady who runs the shop is wonderful. I can’t recommend this place more highly. I got passport photos done here and they were SO much cheaper than CVS. I paid a bit over $10 for four photos (they come in multiples of two). I think CVS was charging $13 for two photos.

She was so patient and friendly when taking my photo, advising me on my facial expression and head tilt and even showing me the photo to let me redo it if I pulled a terrible face. Most pleasant aspect of the visa process (not that the bar was particularly high). Give this locally-owned shop your business!

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